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Learning Hawaiian Massage

One of the most wonderful aspects of this training is learning to massage sensitively, compassionately and respectfully with the universal healing touch of Aloha. Also known as unconditional love, this releases within you a most powerful force for good. Choose to make this your signature and it will forever more accompany you through all aspects of your endeavours. Blessing you and teaching its secrets as you go along step by step, you will feel loved and cherished. Bathed in grace and gratitude the true meaning and purpose of life becomes apparent.
Hawaiian Massage is especially appealing to those who love to express themselves creatively through touch and movement while interacting caringly with another on the deepest level of being. If you appreciate beauty and form yet delight in the subtle world of invisible intelligence, you will find Hawaiian Massage irresistible. Bringing together these many dynamic forces in a shamanic manner also helps develop keen intuition and laser sharp concentration. Relaxing and freeing the mind of its endless static draws you silently into the eternal now and to the source of all healing.

People at any stage of development are drawn to leaning Hawaiian Massage because they instinctively know it will strengthen and accelerate their journey into self knowing. Speaking directly to the whole of our existence, the teachings are pure, honest, direct, powerful, appropriate and manageable. Personal growth becomes fun and exciting as we continue to progress along its path.  Eventually learning to sing in harmony with our inner voice, every cell of our body also learns to vibrate in peaceful accord. As we are filled with this joyful Life impulse, past memories fade away into a new world of exciting and realistic possibilities. Truly empowered, we now feel confident to bring these into reality.

If you feel you would like to claim these and many, many more wonderful rewards for yourself then please contact Rosalie for more details about this style of Hawaiian Massage Practitioner Training.