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Wonder why your voice raises?

Wonder why your voice raises as you become more and more upset with someone? This lovely little parable was kindly sent to me by a friend who found it both helpful and amusing!


 One day teacher asks his disciples, ‘Why do people scream when they quarrel?’

‘Because they lose inner peace,’ replied one disciple.

 ‘But why scream, if the other person is next to you?’ Teacher asked. ‘Is it not possible to speak to him in a soft voice? Why scream, if you are angered?’

 Disciples offered many answers, none of which satisfied the Teacher. In the end Teacher explained:

‘When people are upset with each other and quarrel, their hearts
distance from each other. In order to cover this distance and hear each
other, they have to scream. The more angered they become, the bigger the
distance between them and, consequently, the louder they have to yell.’


 ‘And what happens to people who are in love? They don’t scream.To the contrary, they speak softly. That is because their hearts are close to each other, and the distance between them is short. And what happens as their love strengthens? They don’t speak, they whisper and become even closer in their love. In the end, even whispering becomes unneccessary. They look at each other and understand everything without words.’