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Inspirational: Sung Bong Choi

This amazing video shows that even from the most humble and difficult of beginnings, the power of self-belief can lead to great things.

For many of his young years it seems Sung Bong Choi had no idea how to find his true place in the world. Then, one day, quite unexpectedly he had a vision of himself singing on stage. Having found this, his self-belief was fired to pursue his passion to become a vocalist.  Not knowing where to go for help, how many years or how much work would be in front of him he begin in small ways to fulfill this dream.

When the chance came to sing on Korea’s Got Talent, he overcame doubt and fear and unpretentiously presented himself to the audience.  By taking this courageous step with disarming humility and honesty,  he reached into a whole new world of possibilities as well as a host of new and daunting challenges. Having now inspired others to also believe in him and support his dream, perhaps his greatest challenge now is the testing of his own self belief to its limits and beyond. Comprehending the vastness of his outreach, is his self-belief developed enough to rise to the heights of all these expectations as well as to allow in himself a clear path forward into the perfection of a unique talent that has the power to instantly open hearts and minds?

The poignant quality of his voice, infused with years of raw experience and suppressed passion, gives hope, strength and encouragement. Everything about him touches a deep level. His innocence, unselfconsciousness and amazing talent seems to stir the soul. He pulls at the magnificence we suspect is possible, but not yet realized in ourselves, others and everything else as well.  When this miracle is right in front of us, judgment about limitation is momentarily suspended. Miracles really do happen!. The impossible is made possible! He believed enough!

Could this be the manifestation of the soul’s desire to find expression and thereby recall in all who are witness to this miracle the purest desire for greatness; for greater things, greater love, greater appreciation?

Because we recognize his pain and his glory, his story may resonate with us at stages along our own journey of discovery. Perceiving that self-belief and core strength are the same, we sense how this can be so compromised or even broken by difficult life experiences. Whatever hurt that may have happened or is still happening, it is this irrepressible and precious force that gives us the ability to withstand years of  struggle, hardship and disappointment in the hope of making our own miracle of healing come true and returning to our soul’s passion, centre of creativity and joyful greatness.

Thank goodness there are so many effective healing modalities, inspiring writings and teachers to awaken us and help us along the way. In regard to the restorative power of Hawaiian Massage, which I have seen and felt again and again over the years, I am totally awed by its seemingly effortless ability to kindly and lovingly open barred pathways to core self belief. It facilitates the manifestation of the happy and fulfilled life we so deeply desire and the worthiness to receive life’s blessings in abundance.

Because we understand his situation and have heartfelt compassion for the immense pressures upon Sung Bong for rapid professional and personal growth, could we please keep him in our prayers for great success in all his endeavours. Knowing how much it takes to achieve anything worthwhile, I revisit this video again and again both for inspiration and reinforcement in building new dimensions of my own self-belief. I feel such deep appreciation for his magnificence as a human being who believes enough in himself to come forward and enter into our awareness with this profound message of hope.


Not only is this music inspirational to hear, but the words speak our deepest hopes for human happiness. Here is the English translation from the original Italian:


Nella Fantasie


In my fantasy I see a just world
Where everyone lives in peace and honesty
I dream of souls that are always free
Like a cloud that floats
Full of humanity in the depths of the soul


In my fantasy I see a bright world
Where each night there is less darkness
I dream of souls that are always free
Like the cloud that floats


In my fantasy exists a warm wind
That breathes into the city, like a friend
I dream of souls that are always free
Like the cloud that floats
Full of humanity in the depths of the soul



Thank you Shae for sharing this video with me!