Uk Training Centre

Training Options

Brighton 2021 / 2022

Practitioner Training in Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage

  • 12- days divided into 6 Lessons or 3 Modules
  • Additional optional 2- day Final Assessment     



Each Options is Accredited by the CThA, FHT and Think Tree Hub and is:

  • Different speed and intensity of learning taught by the same Master Trainer.
  • Created for every student to both give and receive massage every day.
  • Same syllabus of Massage Skills, Huna Wisdom and Personal Development.
  • Held in Brighton unless otherwise stated.
  • Course Fee: One Payment £960.
  • Payment Plan £1020 including Deposit £320. 

(Please phone to discuss payment plan options).

Day 1* is  also CPD Introductory Workshop    Fee: £95.

Workshop Dates 2021:   July 22    Jul 31,   Oct 07,    Oct 16

Workshop Dates 2022:   Feb 05,   Feb 24,    Mar 05

INTENSIVE Three Modules of 4 days with one day off between each.

For total immersion in the magical and miraculous world of Aloha, profound wisdom, and joyous self-discovery. Experience day after day of stunning inspirations and life changing accomplishments. Rapidly create a new reality of empowerment, connection and celebration within the practical goal of learning a unique skill and spiritual holistic life-style.

Course Dates 2021

 Summer:          Jul 31*- Aug 08 or 13. 

                       (Jul 31*–Aug 03, 05–08 and 10-13 or may be taken later)

Course Dates 2022

Spring:         Mar 05*-13 or 18.

                   (Mar 05*–08, 10–13 and 15-18 or may be taken later)


FAST TRACK One Module of 4 days each – every month over 3 months.

Bursts of concentrated learning over a few months quickly build into extraordinary happenings for those who are ready to embrace more awareness, zest for life and a uniquely spiritual and rich massage experience.

Course Dates 2021:

Summer:        July 22*-25, Aug 19-22, Sept 16-19.


Autumn:         Oct 07*-10, Nov 04-07, Dec 02 -05.

Course Dates 2022:

Spring:          Feb 24*- 27, Mar 24 -27, Apr 21-24.  


PROGRESSIVE One Lesson of 2 days every month over 6 months.

Nurturing the wisdom, loving power and transformational massage skills that result from the steady progression of learning and development that seamlessly and joyfully unfold over the seasons.

Course Dates 2021:

                       May 15-16, June 12-13, July 10-11,  

                  Aug 14-15, Sept 11 -12, Oct 23-24.


Autumn:          Oct 16* -17, Nov 13-14, Dec 11- 12, 

                 Jan 15-16, Feb 12-13, Mar 12-13

Course Dates 2022:

Spring:            Feb 05*-06, Mar 0506, Apr 09- 10, 

                  May 07-08, June 04-05, July 02-03


The Hawaiian Massage Practitioner Training can be a life-changing opportunity for spiritually minded Therapists as well as beginners of all ages and backgrounds who are keen to:

  •  Become infused with the Healing Spirit of Aloha.
  •  Bring beauty, joy and wholeness into life.
  •  Learn a unique and in-demand signature massage.
  •  Share with family, friends and clients.

Hawaiian Massage UK Training Centre was created by Rosalie Samet to meet the growing demand for an authentic yet completely unique hands-on bespoke Practitioner Training in Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage which is fully recognized and accredited by UK Therapy Practitioner Associations. Students are supplied with comprehensive course books and work in a small intimate group ideal for individual learning and rapid progress.

The aim of the Training Centre is to teach this advanced Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage skill to the highest possible standard within the set period of each Training Option. Students come with an open mind to accept new learning free from fixed ideas about Lomi Lomi or how this should be taught. With daily review and continuous new learning, students seamlessly develop into capable, confident, and independent professional practitioners.

It is important students realize this course teaches a unique style of Lomi Lomi massage specific to the Hawaiian Massage UK Training Centre that reflects the highest spiritual principles of Aloha generally not known or practiced by most massage therapists. Students are urged to fully adopt this new and often challenging system of massage practice as a stand-alone learning experience rather than simply infusing commonly available Hawaiian techniques upon their other already known styles. Final Assessment of massage skills is based upon this acceptance and willing students can easily attain Merit and Distinction levels of achievement.

Successful Graduates are awarded a Certificate of Achievement which bestows qualification as a Professional Practitioner of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage.

This award is based upon satisfactory completion of:

–   5 Case Studies of 3 Lomi Lomi Massage sessions each,

–   All the specified written Course Work,

–   Overall beneficial class room learning and participation,

–   Basic understanding and appreciation of Hawaiian Philosophy and principles.

–   Competence and confidence in performing Lomi Lomi Massage skills.

Graduates who joined the Course as beginners without previous experience may then apply for private personal professional insurance to work independently in the private sector only.

Students who have already completed prerequisites of Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology Level 3, Health and Safety Level 3 and Business Studies prior to the start of this course have the additional choice to join one of many Practitioner Associations which offer Group Insurance Schemes for their Members.

This course is Accredited by the CThA, FHT and Think Tree Hub.

Trainings and Workshops regularly take place in Brighton and sometimes in London and other locations by arrangement.

Advanced Training for Graduates.

Graduates are invited to attend regular Advanced Hawaiian Massage Training days for Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Reviewing course material as well as learning a host of new and advanced massage skills facilitates Practitioners to aspire to deeper, more comprehensive and adventurous levels of performance. Dates and course content are arranged by request.

For Information and Enrolment:


Phone: 01273 730 508 / Mobile: 07974 083 432