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My journey through Hawaiian Massage Training


Student Testamonial


My journey through the Hawaiian Massage Intensive Training has been one of complete bliss. After the ten days of learning, giving and receiving massage every day, I was entirely a new person.


The intensive training ticked all the boxes for me, as I had already had a thorough knowledge of the body on the physical and energetic level. What I wanted from it was to combine these two aspects into one, through touch and energy work. I couldn’t expect that it would fulfil my needs so well and so much more!


Through Hawaiian massage, I opened new pathways within my lifestyle, relationships and professional healing practise. It has enhanced all aspects of my life and I am deeply grateful to have embarked on this path, which no words can really describe.


It is something that someone has to explore and discover in order to point out what is so magical about it. It taps into our ancient roots, into the power of shamanism through conscious loving touch, which heals all that we are.


Learning Hawaiian massage with Rosalie has been a blessing, and with hindsight, if I had to choose again where to train, I would do it all over again, in the exact same way! Rosalie provides a space, which gradually grows on you, and embeds the teachings of Huna wisdom through the art of massage.


What we are left with is the purity of touch, learning by steps, and progressively getting confident with it. They were moments where I felt challenged and I am honoured to have been through them, as I learnt so much from it, and still carry their messages within me.


If you want to take massage to another level, and explore the healing touch of Aloha, Hawaiian massage will take you on its wave and weave life through your hands and through each one of your cells. Eventually, we realise that we don’t DO lomi lomi we ARE lomi lomi…


Thank you deeply Rosalie, I feel honoured to have learnt with you, a skill that I can now share with the world. And what a skill…


Nelly G