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Taking bodywork to new dimensions of subtle feelings, sensory awareness and inner experience…

The Hawaiian Massage Practitioner Training is ideal for qualified therapists or beginners keen to learn an indigenous massage skill this is unique, luxurious, and practiced by only a few. It appeals to caring people who want to engage more deeply with the extensive potentials of massage in order to make a real difference to their client’s lives as well as their own.

Course Options suit individual learning needs

The Intensive – 8 (+4) or 12 consecutive days

The Fast Track – 4 Days every month for 3 months

The Progressive – 2 Days every month for 6 months

Each Option is 12 Days plus a 2 Day Final Assessment and has the same syllabus and costs £960.

This Practitioner Training is accredited by CThA and FHT.

Hawaiian Massage Practitioner Training

Hawaiian Massage Practitioner Training

Hawaiian Massage is the traditional healing massage of ancient Hawaii, combining the best of Lomi Lomi and Kahuna Bodywork. In this unique and visually beautiful style of massage, the practitioner uses full hands, forearms and body weight to create long, flowing continuous strokes that sweep over and under the body from head to toe. Luxurious and sensory rich, it leaves a lasting impression of welcoming purity and goodness

A rare opportunity to learn this re-discovered art form, Hawaiian Massage has been hidden in the depths of Hawaiian culture for centuries. Inspired by the extraordinary knowledge of the Ancient Hawaiians of how to initiate meaningful communication with the intelligence of the body, mind and inner-self through the simplicity and profundity of touch, Hawaiian Massage brings to life the universal healing power of Aloha, known also as unconditional love.

The Benefits of Learning Hawaiian Massage

  • Discover the wonderful techniques, attitudes and teachings that create this superlative and unforgettable massage
  • Understand how to work with the many shamanic forces that create the profound healing power of this life-changing massage therapy
  • Take your massage to unexpected levels and new worlds of possibility
  • Have fun and experience the joyful delights and rewards as each day of Training offers deepening insights, unique skills,
    profound beauty and highly effective approaches to healing and personal development
  • The Benefits of Receiving Hawaiian Massage

Hawaiian Massage offers a host of wide ranging benefits across the whole spectrum of human well-being. Simultaneously encompassing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, clients feel deeply nourished, revitalized, relaxed, enriched and happy to be alive.

The Training Syllabus

The major topics covered in the syllabus work together, one influencing the other in a seamless progression. These include:

  • The Influences of Hawaiian Wisdom upon Massage
  • Hawaiian Massage Skills
  • Personal Development
  • Working With Clients

Synthesizing ancient with modern, this Practitioner Training is an authentic, inspiring and spiritual interpretation of traditional massage from Hawaii. Each Lesson Manual contains a detailed step by step guide. Students work in pairs, giving and receiving Hawaiian Massage to each other and experiencing its wonderful beauty and benefits.

Qualification as Hawaiian Massage Practitioner

Students who have successfully completed all requirements are awarded a Certificate as a Practitioner of Hawaiian Massage.

For more information or to enroll:

Rosalie Samet
Hawaiian Massage UK Training Centre
tel. 01273 730 508 / mob. 07974 083 432