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Hawaiian Huna Massage Tips and Information

Lomi Lomi is the Traditional Healing Massage of Hawaii. This Transformational style was performed by Kahuna Priests in ancient times as a sacred temple ritual of great significance. Based upon the Hawaiian Huna massage philosophy of life, love and well being, they perfected the use of massage with empowered with natural life forces that communicate directly with the inner most intelligence and power of Body, Mind and Spirit for extraordinary healing.

Hawaiian Huna Massage or Lomi Lomi recaptures the forgotten wisdom of the ancient people of Hawaii, transcending the debilitating effects of the stresses and strains of modern living.

The Hawaiian perspective recognizes that states of tension and disharmony are the universal cause of distress and ultimately illness. Tension interferes with the free flow of life force energy and the unstoppable natural happiness, health, fulfilling relationships and success that are our birthright.

The power of this delightful yet dynamic bodywork lies in the magnitude and alignment of unconditional loving energy generated by both practitioner and client. This evokes a comprehensive expansion of perceptions, feelings, and awareness that extends into all areas of life. As a result, life inhibiting tensions melt away effortlessly into life affirming reassurance, motivation, gratitude and pleasure.

Hawaiian Huna Massage is indeed a unique, flowing and vibrant all body massage. Profoundly relaxing, it regenerates vitality, releases tensions, clarifies mind and emotions, restores body awareness and self acceptance. Receiving this massage awakens the loving Presence of Life within and is a beautiful, nurturing, inspiring and oftentimes transformational experience.

Huna Massage training is ideal for the Professional Massage Therapist who wants to upgrade all aspects of their work to new standards of effectiveness, involvement and spirituality and offer their clients a unique and superlative massage experience for maximum healing and awareness.