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Is Hawaiian Massage For You

Do you secretly dream of using your talents to offer a treatment that is totally unique and fabulous whilst…

Hawaiian Massage

Hawaiian Massage


  • Engaging your whole body, mind, heart and soul.
  • Dancing around your massage table with joyful flowing movement.
  • Enhancing the healing touch of your hands and forearms.
  • Working with purpose, focus and serenity.
  • Inducing deep states of relaxation and inner peace.
  • Encompassing the fullest scope of Aloha Blessing.
  • Enjoying uplifting personal and spiritual fulfilment.
  • Being protected from work related injuries through excellent use of posture, body weight and energy channelling.
  • Learning authentic Hawaiian Massage in the UK and thereby saving yourself time and thousands of pounds.
  • Gaining step by step bespoke tuition with continuity of learning.
  • Receiving on-call support combined with advanced CPD tuition.

Learn how to give this amazing treatment that feels like heaven on earth whilst moving around your massage table with rhythm, grace and ease. Rosalie Samet

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