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History Of Hawaiian Massage

The practice of Hawaiian Massage, was developed in an era when life was overflowing with the Spirit and Grace of Aloha, the Hawaiian Hula-Girls-siteword for unconditional, universal love. Hawaiians believed that everything in nature was sacred and connected by this, and that in responding to our life-affirming thoughts and actions, Aloha nurtured us with healing and abundant blessings

Kahuna bodywork was performed in the healing temples by Kahuna priests, who were revered as keepers of the esoteric knowledge of life – in the modern world, this is now called Huna Wisdom. These sacred and formal rituals were given primarily as ‘rites of passage’ to key members of the community and young adults, to develop a strong sense of social and family responsibility with expanded awareness and spiritual empowerment.

Lomi Lomi was a more accessible massage given by family members for relaxation, recuperation and the treating of ailments.  Lomi Lomi was also given to help promote the gathering and flow of mana for the Ali’I or tribal leaders who protected the people. A highly respected tradition of healing, each family group developed its own recognizable style.

Hawaiian Massage is also known as Huna Massage because of it’s roots in the Huna Wisdom and the esoteric knowledge of the ancient Hawaiians.

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