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Client Testimonials

“I had three extended healing sessions over a period of several months and each was a unique response to my requirements for healing and growth at these times.

Rosalie’s  in-depth consultations gave me clarity and awareness into my current situation. These provided extraordinary insights into hidden patterns as well as practical solutions based on universal principles of Aloha and empowerment. I began to experience how these  became the energetic intentions for the massages which followed. It was heartwarming how kindly negative energies were released and then how effortlessly the way forward to emotional and spiritual freedom became visible.

I soon learned to relax and cooperate with the unfolding healings through trust and surrender. I was happy to be guided by the new insights revealed and to begin to adopt into my everyday life the changes these invited. Thank you, I am grateful for your help.” 

Jacqui K.

“Rosalie – THANK you so very much for the time you generously spent with me.  I wish we could have spent longer. You are highly gifted; never in my life have I experienced such a state of total relaxation, of calm. I felt supported and surrounded by loving energy.

“The effects of this, obviously, are profound, and have taken root within me, unlike other massage modalities, where you enjoy the experience but it is superficial. I can honestly day that it was well worth flying from South Africa for this experience alone! Thank you again.”

L.D., South Africa


“My birthday massage session with Rosalie went far beyond the surface of any other kind of massage I’ve experienced and the best 40th birthday present I could ever have given myself!

Before I got onto the table we had a long chat about my birth, my parents, who I am as a woman and what has shaped ongoing anxieties from childhood. This was profoundly useful in helping me let go and heal old wounds that have held me back. I wondered afterwards how often we ever think about this, let alone have someone else take an earnest interest? It was so helpful to be seen for who I am. I was moved by Rosalie’s deep respect, loving kindness, incredible spiritual wisdom and skill as a massage practitioner.


The massage I received was an amazing and humbling experience, one that everyone should have at least once. It’s filled with light, love, nourishment and maternal energy. The pinnacle was the face massage which was an exciting sensation of rebirth. It’s like dancing with love and countless blessings.

I am still feeling great and feel supported enough to make those big decisions that I have put off years. I am really glad for the several unforgettable hours I spent with Rosalie. Thank you.”



Testimonials 2016

The more I come to understand about the sacred practice of Hawaiian Massage, the deeper my respect grows for this lineage and for those who pass on this precious, precious knowledge. The work you do in this world is so valuable. It is such a gift! It has given me so much and has empowered me to be able to share some of these wonderful gifts to others.

Throughout the course of my Training I am delighted to realize that my attitudes have softened and that I have come to greatly respect, love and honour my body temple. The delicate process of unraveling and the mammoth process of relaxing the tensions I have held in my body, mind and emotions has at last begun. I am so deeply grateful to have found this beautiful ancient wisdom, contained within such a sacred and clear format that it has been easy to integrate into my daily life.  It continually provides for me and my daughter, transforms our experience and is now enabling me to be of service in the world in ways that I have always dreamed of but were unable to achieve.
That is your gift, Rosalie, thank you, thank you so much! It is not an easy task teaching this form of massage but you have held such a loving space for all of us, and taught us so much through your shining example and your powerful work. I will think of you often and you will always be working through me in every massage, with every stroke.
I am finally feeling enough self-acceptance and self-love to begin the process of creating the sacred music my heart has been yearning to express and I look forward to sending you my music when it is ready. Thanks to Hawaiian Massage I have some beautiful Hawaiian chants to work with. They feel like home to me and the Ho’o Pono Pono Forgiveness Process is also a practice that also resonates deeply within me.
I truly welcome this continual and eternal process of unfolding through the beautiful art and wisdom of Hawaiian Massage.
With so much love, admiration, and gratitude. Aloha, SR and A

I wanted to thank you again for everything you have taught me over the last year and for your open and loving heart. Through your teachings, wisdom and love as well as the time spent with the other students, I feel I have grown into a fuller person with much more confidence, self-love, self-care and deeper connection to my spirituality and the Divine. I also have a greater sense of what I want in my life and my life purpose. Thank you for reminding me.
With lots of love, L

Thank you for making this such a special year with your teaching. Lomi Lomi has been life changing for me and I love to give this beautiful massage treatment.  With love, L

I am deeply grateful for your teaching and your radiant presence in my life. Sending you all my love, deepest respect and gratitude.  Infinite blessings, H

Thank you for being the wonderful teacher you are and for passing on your knowledge and Aloha. Lots of love, A

Thank you for being my Guide on my path to find the Truth. Thank you for your encouraging words. I find sharing the knowledge – through words and work is very rewarding, yet at times, also very challenging. You give me courage to keep learning and working.
Aloha and blessings, T

Thank you so much for sharing your learning and insight with us over the past months. Thank you for the massage, the Ha breath, the Spirit of Aloha, the nourishment…
Mahalo! Much love C

Words cannot describe how thankful I am to you for everything you have taught me and the guidance you have given me.  Somehow, I feel like I have always known you, yet only met in person during the past year.  From the first evening I met you, I remember how you taught me to slow down when I walk and of course while giving Lomi lomi.
I have happiness again and think that is the greatest gift anyone could give and receive. I am still on a journey, my sacred journey of life, searching for truth and Aloha.
Love and blessings, T


Media Responses


“The gentleness, the swooping movements… did make me feel unconditionally loved “– The Guardian


“Your demonstration was one of the most interesting and enjoyable we’ve had on the show.”– Granada Television


“Essentially it is the awakening touch that one has been longing for.”–Positive Health


“Once you accept the beauty within, you will start to recognise the beauty that surrounds you… the massage acts as a reminder of how it is possible to feel at one with our bodies and, by extension, with creation… I drifted into a sense of total timelessness and towards a strange feeling of acceptance. “– The Daily Mail


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