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Hawaiian Massage simultaneously connects and revitalizesJoy-in-sea-site body, mind, heart and soul with the healing power of Aloha. Working at the core of our Being, it calms, inspires and empowers us to create the life we desire. Aloha nurtures us with healing and abundant blessings.

Benefits to the physical body:

  • Improves all systems and organs, cleansing and detoxifying
  • Deeply relaxes and calms
  • Brings harmony and balance
  • Activates sensory awareness of the flesh through to the bones
  • Energises and revitalises
  • Beautifies and improves posture

Benefits to the mind:

  • Quiets the mind, creating inner calm and clarity
  • Alters perceptions of Self
  • Builds confidence, enthusiasm and self-esteem
  • Expands life possibilities

Benefits to the heart and soul:

  • Nurtures inner core
  • Restores well-being
  • Awakens aliveness
  • Connects with self-knowing and self-loving
  • Inspires our potential

For anyone thinking of becoming a Practitioner of Hawaiian Massage, it is comforting and heart-warming to know that in the nature of this work, the benefits received by clients are also received by the Practitioner.

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