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Hawaiian Massage treatment A Typical Hawaiian Massage Treatment

A Hawaiian Massage treatment is an applied sequence of sacred ceremonies designed to bring to life the Huna Wisdom of Hawaii, thereby activating the healing power of Aloha.

The massage session works with the client’s intention for healing, so clients are asked to consider their reasons for wanting a treatment and to possibly discuss this with the Practitioner.

As this is an all-body oil massage, clients are invited to remove all their clothing and cover themselves with a sarong, provided by the Practitioner. The back of the body recieves the massage first.

The Practitioner makes long flowing strokes of varying rhythm and intensity up and down the length of the body, moving from side to side, by using fingers, hands, forearms and bodyweight.

The treatment takes place in a warm, safe and relaxing environment. A session can take from one and a half hours to 3 or more hours, depending upon the arrangement.

From the moment an appointment is made to long after the session has ended, the Practitioner engages with the dynamic forces of nature to facilitate the most comprehensive benefits possible for the client.

 Treatment Options

Regular Session: from 1.5 – 2 hours

  • Brief consultation to discover healing intention.
  • Preparation of the extended energy body.
  • Hawaiian Massage Session.
  • Time for integration.

Extended Session: from 3 – 5 hours

  • In-depth consultation for insight, understanding and release of difficult issues.
  • Cleansing and healing of the aura and extended energy body.
  • Preparations of body to receive the extended massage.
  • Extra long Hawaiian Massage Session.
  • Time for integration review or further treatment.
  • A light snack before leaving.

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