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Hawaiian Massage

‘The Wisdom of Paradise in motion’, Hawaiian Massage awakens the whole Being – body, mind, heart and soul – to the loving Spirit of Aloha.

A gift from the past, this is the traditional healing massage of ancient Hawaii, combining the ease and accessibility of Lomi Lomi with the shamanic power of temple style Kahuna Bodywork.

In this unique and visually beautiful style of massage, the Practitioner uses hands, forearms and body weight to create long, flowing, deeply connected, continuous strokes that glide tenderly over and under the body from head to toe and side to side.

Bringing together the past and present, Hawaiian Massage meets the needs of people today who seek greater health, happiness and well-being. Deeply nurturing and enriching, if helps to give understanding and meaning to life.

Would you like to learn the life enhancing skills of Hawaiian Massage ?