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Picturewithbackground1_1Now Is The Moment – New Year 2013


2012 has come and gone and we have survived another significant milestone in the unfolding passage of time. Although life on the surface seems pretty much the same as before, there is a sense that deep down something really big and meaningful is happening…..

Weary of the old worn out story lines that keep being regurgitated, we search for new inspiration, leadership and meaning.

The pieces of the puzzle don’t seem to fit so smugly, edges are more frayed, breakdown is more rapid and the gaps are widening. As though the void is becoming more palpable and visible, the emptying spaces between seem to be filling with an exacting but benevolent  consciousness.

Instruction is alive and everywhere. Like an unrelenting Presence increasing our awareness of the quality of our thoughts and deeds, it escorts us to the edge of possibility and beyond.

Ultimately its mission is to take us home into the ever present moment of NOW so that with gladness and fullness we dissolve into its absolute perfection.

This level of transformation is always easier to speak about than to manifest but one of the most enjoyable, effective and life lasting learning tools to Self-discovery and Self-mastery is the Practitioner Training in Hawaiian Massage. Saturated from start to finish in the loving guidance of Aloha and the magical vibrancy of focused concentration, students soon melt to the fullness of their own inner power, knowing and goodness.

Sensing the real healing potential of this unusual but delightful state, students learn to apply this knowledge to others and the environment in a mutually meaningful exchange of giving and receiving. Like magic, a new and exciting new world of purpose and certainty shines forth from the fading illusions of the old.

And at the same time of course, you also learn a fabulous massage skill which radiates the best of Lomi Lomi, Kahuna Bodywork, Hawaiian Shamanism and Hawaiian Wisdom.

Hallelujah everyone and Happy, Happy Glorious New Year 2013!

The extraordinary invitation and promise of the present moment makes this a most propitious time to truly relax and release everything that is less than loving. In this state allow your inner guidance, who cares so deeply for your total well-being, to shower upon you its continual blessings of peace, love, beauty, wisdom and joy.

I welcome you to join a Practitioner Training and embrace the Moment of Now.

With warmest blessings of Aloha,

Rosalie Samet, Tutor
Hawaiian Massage UK Training Centre