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Massage for Couples

The gift of love and intimacy

Massage For Couples

Massage For Couples

Imagine sharing nourishing, adoring and relaxing massage with your loved one in a light-hearted yet meaningful way!

Whether your relationship is fully flush with romance or you are wishing to rekindle some passion with your mate, Hawaiian Massage for Couples ignites those glorious feelings through connection and kindness.

The ancient Hawaiians understood the power of touch in building loving relationships and made this a natural and integral part of daily life.

In this unforgettable workshop youareshown ways to:

  • Introduce Hawaiian ideals of kindness and care in everydaylife.
  • Understand how the power of touch helps build loving relationships.
  • Experience deep levels of intimacy.
  • Spendtimewrapped in the loving touch of Aloha Spirit.
  • Rediscover the love you have.
  • Breathe new life into your relationship.
  • Learn new ways to engage with each other.
  • Renew your feelings and the flames of love

Loving intimacy is an important and cherished part of being in a relationship. When absent it shows us where we can rebuild the bonds to help love flourish again. Equally when things are going really well, there is always scope for
more. Intimacy enables us to feel appreciated for who we are and encourages the innate channels for giving and receiving love. Learn to share the Hawaiian secrets of expressing deep levels of intimacy through touch using intention,
hot oil and the long flowing strokes unique to Hawaiian Massage.

In these times of busy lives and fast love, the value of closeness can sometimes be overlooked. Indeed, we seem to have fused sexuality with intimacy, when in fact they can be experienced quite separately. Although you will be removing
your clothes to receive massage, you will be exploring deeper intimacy through sensuality rather than sexual activity. In this Workshop you will only be massaging each other although the maximum number of couples maybe three.

For you and your partner or a couple that you love, celebrate weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, Valentines and Christmas. Help your partnerto knowjust how much you care at any time of the year with this generous giving.

A rare and precious gift , true intimacy gives us feelings of belonging and acceptance, without which, we feel separate and alone. It’s a safe space to express ourselves beyond words, supporting us emotionally, spiritually and
physically. Rosalie Samet

Rosalie Samet
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