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Ho’o Pono Pono Forgiveness

Are your limiting ideas about yourself really your own? 

Ho’o Pono Pono

Ho’o Pono Pono

Have you accepted these into your being from the collective suffering of past generations – with the hope of eventually discovering how to release them and becoming peace, harmony and joy.

In this workshop, search into the depths of your hurting heart and find the pure stillness of love within that blesses and forgives all. Your mind becomes smooth as you clear emotional disturbances that seriously inhibit choices and expression.

For centuries the Hawaiians have known about the immense healing power of forgiveness. Possibly their most cherished custom was to practice Ho’o Pono Pono on a daily or weekly basis within family and social groups in order to sustain states of trust, calm and relaxation. Because the Hawaiians highest value was to embody the flowing gracious spirit of Aloha in every way, they had zero tolerance for disharmony.

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