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Hawaiian Massage


Welcome to the wonderful world of Hawaiian Massage

If you are drawn to study the beautiful and powerful art of Lomi Lomi massage – The Hawaiian Massage UK Training Centre has compiled an in-depth 12 day course, bringing you the best of Lomi Lomi and Kahuna Bodywork to create Hawaiian Massage. Over the centuries this style of massage has become known by other names including Huna Massage.

All courses are taught by Master Trainer, Rosalie Samet, who brought this revered and amazing healing work to the UK 25 years ago. With it’s three comprehensive learning options, this course will fit perfectly into your busy life. Hawaiian Massage will bring your clients sunshine, healing and joy with every stroke, it will also bring you, the Practitioner, a rainbow of blessings and empowerment with every massage you give.

This traditional healing massage of ancient Hawaii combines the ease and acessability of Lomi Lomi with the Shamanic power of temple style Kahuna Bodywork. It brings to life the forgotten Huna wisdom of Hawaii which takes people into states of inner peace, balance and wholeness. Transcending the stresses and strains of modern living, people find greater awareness and connection within body, mind, heart and soul.

The awakening touch – one has been longing for. Positive Health

Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage is a unique flowing, vibrant and dynamic all body massage. The practitioner uses hands, forearms and body weight in long fluid strokes of varying rhythm and intensity up and down and all around the body that is deeply relaxing and powerfully healing.

Hawaiian Massage – the wisdom of paradise in motion. Daily Mail

Cleansed by wave upon wave of loving touch, and purified by the release of negative tensions. Huna massage or Lomi Lomi has the ability to go to the core of one’s being and reunite body and mind with spirit.

The energizing and revitalizing effects of these exquisite movements are combined with clear healing intent as an invocation for positive change on all levels.

Some massage therapy is good, some excellent, but then, every so often you find one that is totally exceptional. Hawaiian Massage has that extra magic which turns the ordinary into the extraordinary. David Gills